aka Mrs Anastasia Grey

  • I live in Mystic Falls
  • I was born on May 23
  • My occupation is Student in Forks and Mystic Falls and Fangtasia's Bar attendant and a second class passanger/servant on the RMS Titanic and invaded with a soul, but is ones of the few escaped with Melanie Stryder
  • I am A Female Vampire (Undead)
  • VampiresAndWerewolfsareAwesomeAsHell23

    side from fanged folk, the thing most synonymous with The Vampire Diaries is sexy shirtless guys. Case in point: star Steven R. McQueen (Jeremy Gilbert) showed off his abs for a good cause on October 1 — counting down to the epic Season 5 premiere!

    Production assistant Ty Armstead snapped a pic of Steven walking around casually with his shirt off and jeans hanging low on his hips, flashing a peace sign to illustrate there are two days left until TVD premieres.

    “Two more days! #tvd #abs @McQueeninchains says Tune IN!! Thursday, 8 PM, CW,” Ty captioned the pic. If that is a promise that Steven will be shirtless in the premiere, we’re all in. Actually, we’d tune in regardless, but it’s always a bonus to have some eye candy on-screen.

    This is goi…

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  • VampiresAndWerewolfsareAwesomeAsHell23

    What do you get when you cross a scientist, some parents, and a housekeeper? An episode of The Vampire Diaries, apparently. According to Project Casting, The CW just released three extra casting calls for a Season 5 episode of the supernatural series. What clues do the descriptions give us into the upcoming season?

    The casting notice calls for two scientists — one male and one female — in their mid-30s to early 40s. We have to admit: we’re a bit stumped by this role call. Why would TVD need scientists? Will some of the characters be visiting a laboratory? Or, perhaps, it has something to do with Whitmore College. Season 5 will introduce a new character in Dr. Wes Maxfield, Caroline and Elena’s brilliant young microbiology professor who migh…

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  • VampiresAndWerewolfsareAwesomeAsHell23

    I would like to be across between Immortal Warlock an Vampire

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  • VampiresAndWerewolfsareAwesomeAsHell23

    Which one?




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  • VampiresAndWerewolfsareAwesomeAsHell23

    So I am writting an essay about season five premiere (I Know What You Did Last Summer) and how is was good and awesome. So here it is.

    My thoughts on how the episode was actually set out were awesome and for a fact that it started off with Bonnie trying to communicate to her friends through Jeremy is actually sweet, but like what Jeremy had said "You are postponing the invetiable and that is not a good thing. 

    They were all dressed up nicely, like Jeremy is dressed in his usual T-shirt and Jeans while Elena wore short shorts and t-shirts before she went to College. Caroline is actually awesomely well dressed in her awesome well fitted clothing and her mother gosh, she looked like what a mother would look like, if their little girl was moving…

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